With peak wedding season underway, stylist Erica Wark (@EricaOnFashion) stopped by CTV’s The Social to share her chic and effortless solution to the common bridesmaid dilemma: how to choose a dress that your bridesmaids will not only love, but will want to wear again? Because, let’s face it, pleasing all of your bridesmaids with the same dress can sometimes be an impossible task.

This is why Erica suggests selecting the right colour and hemline to fit your wedding theme, and then letting your bridesmaids pick out their perfect dress. One silhouette and colour that offers countless styles to fit woman of all shapes, and can be integrated into your bridesmaids’ everyday wardrobe is the ultra-chic Little Black Dress from Le Château, which was featured during this segment.

Get Erica’s full scoop on stylish bridesmaid solutions here: http://youtu.be/50itCJeMZ2U