When the heat is on the rise, and your friends are begging you to hit the local hot spots in your city, you’re going to want to do it in style.

Take a cue from these guys. From a casual walk in the Plateau, to drinks on a terrace in Little Italy, to a more formal event Downtown (and all that happens afterwards), check out these inspiring shots that will make you want to gather your friends after work and hit the city… pronto.

Styling Tip: Invest in a summer blazer to elevate a more casual look. Linen and cotton are lightweight and breathable enough to wear even in the warmest weather and will polish your overall look. 

Menswear_Dressy8 Menswear_Dressy10 Menswear_Dressy7

Styling Tip: Go for gingham. This quintessentially summer print brings a classic yet modern sophistication to a dress shirt. Paired with a great suit and sunglasses, this is a guaranteed win.

Menswear_Dressy6 Menswear_Dressy5 Menswear_Dressy3

Styling Tip: Tie vs. bow tie? Opt for a bow tie at a formal event if you want to heighten your look (a la James Bond) while a regular neck tie is a more low key way to show off your great style.

Menswear_Dressy1 Menswear_Dressy2

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