Meet Samantha Cutler – FIT graduate, fitness ambassador, mom to adorable dog Moka, and face behind the blog Silver Lining by S. When Samantha isn’t working on her blog or at her full-time marketing job, she can usually be found at Victoria Park or out for drinks with friends.

We had the chance to collaborate with Samantha on a photoshoot featuring pieces from our spring transition collections. We also got to catch up with her for a fun Q&A.

Samantha and Moka. Get the look.

1. What was the inspiration behind starting your blog, Silver Lining by S?
I wanted to create a place for people to find a little bit of themselves and remember what makes them happy in the day to day life. It’s not always the big things that generate the most powerful impact.

2. Where do you find your style inspiration?
Fashion on Instagram, Tumblr (because this was imbedded in me in fashion school & stuck) and blogs; home and food style on Pinterest!

3. What are 3 trends you are most excited to rock this spring?
– My favourite thing about spring is we can return back to our sneakers. Everyone is coming out with cute and comfortable shoes because frankly I’m either in running shoes or heels! You guys made a few super cute styles!
– I’d also have to say the blush hues. I’m a big fan and it pairs perfectly with black, white grey basics.
– I’m also just so happy that people are all about comfort. Your velvet draw string pants are life!! I have no desire to wear something I don’t feel comfortable in. In fact I won’t feel confident if I’m not comfortable.

4. What are your top 3 food spots in Montreal?
– Currently obsessed with LOV in the Old Port. The rose gold and marble design is prefect, the food is amazing, plus I live next door!
– Nora Gray is a classic and an ultimate favourite for a girl’s night. They have incredible wine and Ryan Gray is really awesome if he’s around while you’re there – he’ll help with pairing your mood, food and wining needs all together!
– Koa Lua: Poke is just so damn good and I’m happy Montreal has jumped on this train.

Get the look: 1 | 2

5. Describe your perfect Sunday.
Brunch and shopping for nothing you need and everything you want (usually at West Elm)…. accompanied by someone you love spending time with and of course Moka! This usually ends with a family dinner or a cozy night at home cooking. It’s really MY day. Sometimes I’ll fit in spin, but more times than not Sunday I get to check out and just be present.

6. What is a quote that you stand by?
“Life gives you what you need when you need it” – I say this time and time again. Trust the timing of your life. Find the actual silver lining always because everything happen exactly when it’s supposed to. Don’t waste time trying to change what is not up to you and don’t fret over something gone wrong. Just wait and see….

7. Next place you’d like to travel to?
Oh gosh, so many! I am obsessed with traveling. I’d say Italy!

8. Favourite TV show to binge-watch?
The Mindy Project… because she’s actually just hilarious and real!

Hair by: Blunt MTL
Makeup by: Staz Art

Check out more from Samantha at her blog and on Instagram.

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