As we continue to spread the love for Valentine’s Day, we’re unveiling the last in our #Lovebirds series with one of Le Chateau’s own, Ingrid, and her twin daughters, Lily and Morgan.

We can think of nothing sweeter and more beautiful than the bond between a mother and her children. Get ready to feel a tug on your heartstrings with this adorable mother/daughters Q&A.

Relationship: Mother and twin daughters

Q1: Which celebrities would play you in a movie?

Kate Hudson, North West x2

Q2: Which do you prefer: Snapchat or Instagram stories?


Q3: What is their best trait?

They love to share everything and their laugh

Q5: Which emoji best represents your relationship?

The poop emoji

Q6: What Netflix Series/Movie best represents your relationship?

Gilmore Girls

Q7: If you could take a trip together right now where would you go and why?

Anywhere that has childcare

Q8: Describe Lily and Morgan in 3 words.


Q9: I love when Lily and Morgan wear…

Matching outfits

We hope you enjoyed this year’s #Lovebirds stories. Missed a post? Read all of them here.
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