To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we will be featuring 4 of our favourite, Canadian #Lovebirds. From the love between a mother and her twins to best friends, you’ll fall head over heels for each of their stories.

We’re starting off the #Lovebirds series with best friends Katie Cung and Tiffany Lai. Katie is the blogger behind Behind the Bangs and Tiffany is a senior copywriter and YouTuber. We asked these BFFs questions about one another and their answers are sweetness overload.

Relationship: Best Friends

Q1: Which celebrities would play you in a movie?

Tiffany: I unfortunately don’t know a lot of famous Asian actors…my attempt to be culturally appropriate has failed lol. But I feel as though Daisy Ridley would be a good fit to play me in a movie because she’s the first female lead in a Star Wars movie (accessing my nerdy side lol)!

Katie: I would love Anne Hathaway to play me in a movie!

Q2: Which do you prefer: Snapchat or Instagram stories?

T: I definitely prefer Instagram stories since I’m always on Instagram, but I prefer Snapchat when it’s to mess with my friends/family because the filters are always so ridiculous.

K: Personally, I loooove Snapchat for the cute filters and the geotags! Instagram is a tough contender with their boomerangs and their live options!

Q3: Which clothing trend do you want your best friend to try?

T: I feel as though Katie would look amazing in that corset trend…you know the one over the clothes!

K: I would love Tiffany to try unisex clothing/menswear! I think she can definitely make it work!

Q4: What is your best friend’s best trait?

T: Her best trait has to definitely be her smile or her humour!

K: Tiffany is one of the funniest/quirkiest and most loyal friend I know!
Q5: Which emoji best represents your relationship?

T: The emoji that best describes our friendship has to be the pink heart with the stars around it. 💖

K: I think the cheese emoji best represents our relationship, you know, because we love cheese as much as we love each other.

Q6: What Netflix Series/Movie best represents your relationship?

T: I feel as though Friends is a good representation of our friendship since we’re always joking and laughing together. We definitely share some traits with each of the characters on the show!

K: I think Gossip Girl best represents our relationship!

Q7: If you could take a trip together right now where would you go and why?

T: We always want to go to New York (been twice already with her), but I feel as though we would also love traveling to Europe together, maybe Spain.

K: We would go somewhere warm, like Tulum! Or maybe New York City, you can’t go wrong with that.

Q8: Describe your best friend in 3 words.

T: Beauty, brains, and sassy.

K: Funny. Foodie. (on) Fleek.

Tiffany coat, sweater, boots, scarf, sunglasses, belt

Katiecoat, sweater, boots, choker

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