Continuing our countdown to Valentine’s Day, the next in our #Lovebirds series are figure skating partners and friends, Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford.

From travelling around the world together to winning a silver medal at the 2014 Olympics, see what makes this 6-time Canadian champion partnership so unique.

Get the look: skirt, shirt, pants

Relationship: Figure Skating Partners / Friends

Q1: Which celebrities would play you in a movie?

Eric: Keanu Reeves

Q2: Which do you prefer: Snapchat or Instagram stories?

Eric: Instagram

Meagan: INSTAGRAM STORIES (I don’t have snapchat and I have no idea how it works)

Get the look: bomber, jacket, shoes, henley

Q3: What is Eric/Meagan’s best trait?

E: Strength

M: Eric’s best trait is his quirky sense of humour.

Q4: Which emoji best represents your relationship?

E: 😁

Q5: What Netflix Series/Movie best represents your relationship?

E: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

M: I think the Odd Couple represents us well. We are two very different people that balance each other really well.

Q6: If you could take a trip together right now where would you go and why?

E: South Korea to compete in the Four Continents Championships.

M: We would go to compete on The Amazing Race Canada. We are both really competitive and have different strengths, plus we already know how to work on a team with each other. It’s one of our dreams to compete on this show one day. And win it of course.

Q7: Describe your friend in 3 words.

E: Tenacious, competitive, fearless

M: Eric is Funny, Loyal and Musical

Q8: I love when Meagan wears…

E: I love when Meagan wears gold medals!! Haha.

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