In honor of today being National Waffle Day, what better way to celebrate than by sharing our favourite waffle spots in Montreal? Whether topped with fresh fruit and whipped cream or made into a sandwich, we’re all about this delicious, crispy-exterior/fluffy-interior treat. Here are our top 3 waffle spots in Montreal.


Photo credit: mtlbreakfast

Known for its cool, lounge-like atmosphere, Fabergé is one of the hot spots in Montreal for weekend brunch. While they do serve up some brunch must-haves, if you are looking for a real delight, their waffle specialties are where it’s at. From chicken and waffles to s’mores, what more could you want in a waffle dish?

2. CACAO 70

Photo credit: cacao70

Chocolate pizzas, chocolate fondue, hot chocolate… Cacao 70 is THE ultimate one-stop place for all your chocolate needs. And when it comes to their waffles, they definitely do not disappoint. Whether you love fruit or ice cream with your waffle, you will be sure to also enjoy it with copious amounts of melted chocolate. We’re not complaining.


Photo credit: Engaufrez-vous

A restaurant that specializes in waffles? Yes please. Engaufrez-vous offers made-to-order waffles for both the sweet and salty enthusiasts. Enjoy a “Croque Monsieur” or “3 Cheeses” styled waffle for lunch, and then finish the meal with a rhubarb, pear, and almond waffle for dessert.

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