In anticipation of Canada Day celebrations this weekend, we have collaborated with some of our favourite Canadian bloggers to share a few hidden gems found within our wonderful country. Fashion blogger Mel Hwang of Mel Inspired reveals some of her favourite spots in Toronto.

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1A) Name a hidden gem you love within your city.
There are so many! In the summer, I love taking a trip just outside Toronto, to the flower fields at Andrews Scenic Gardens or the lavender fields at Terre Blue. There are also so many hidden gardens throughout the city, such as Kariya Park.

1B) What makes this place special to you?
Kariya Park is one of those spots in the city that is a magical little gem nestled right in the middle of city skyscrapers. It’s inspired by the gardens in Japan and it’s like taking a trip away, without really leaving home. Canada is so unique for just that reason – it not only embraces, but it celebrates cultures from all over the world.

2) Where in Canada would you want to travel to next?
I’ve never been to the East Coast of Canada so that’s high up on the list for me. I’d also love to see the beautiful blues of Lake Louise in the summertime!

3) How are you spending Canada Day?
I’m planning on celebrating Canada Day right here at home in Toronto with family and friends. There’s nothing I love more than this city during our country’s big day – there’s so much life being celebrated! They also do an epic fireworks show right by the beaches!

4) Most Instagram-worthy spot in your city?
There are so many but I love visiting the Exhibition Place – the columned area features fountains and gates that make you feel like you’re in Europe (but are really in downtown Toronto).

5) Best place to go for a sweet treat?
There’s almost always a line up in the summer, but it’s well worth it. Bang Bang Ice Cream is my favourite summer sweet treat. I always get Lychee Rosewater and Early Grey Ice Cream (talking about it makes me want to head over there right now to pick some up!).

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