In honour of International Women’s Day today, we are shining a spotlight on four cool, fearless, and muse-worthy women. When they are not busy with their 9-to-5 jobs, they can be found fashion blogging, raising families, and/or being all-around #girlbosses. Now that’s what we call being a role model.

When she is not behind-the-scenes helping patients as a pharmacist, Qing Zeng can be found in front of the camera as a fashion blogger. She shares with us her “real world” advice, workwear inspiration, and personal motto.1. What habits or skills are most important to living a successful life?
Qing Zeng: Having good time management skills and the ability to communicate well with others are crucial to succeeding in life. Regardless of what kind of knowledge or education you have, the most important thing is being able to work well with others in a group setting. More often than not, we work on projects with co-workers and it is vital to work together to reach a common goal. Furthermore, managing your time is super important. Keeping track of deadlines and prioritizing can help you stay organized.

2. How has a failure, or apparent failure, set you up for later success? Do you have a “favourite failure” of yours?
QZ: When I first graduated from school, it was difficult to find a stable full time job at first. I was frustrated with myself that I did not have all the skills and experience that were often listed in job applications. I sent countless resumes and cover letters and was often disappointed. I ended up taking some part-time work in the meantime. In a few months’ time, I landed an amazing full-time job where I worked with amazing people while being able to help patients.3. Who is your style inspiration for your workwear attire?
QZ: My style inspiration is Victoria Beckham. She has amazing workwear fashion. Everything is sleek and chic. From power suits to pencil thing stilettos, she really owns her style. Furthermore, she wears a lot of neutrals – which I love. Neutrals are amazing because everything matches beautifully.

4. What advice would you give to a smart, driven individual about to enter the “real world”? What advice should they ignore?
QZ: Someone who is entering the real world should not be afraid to hear the word “no”. Rejection is a common thing that a lot of people experience early on in their careers. Accepting rejection and trying to develop yourself is what is important. Everyone had to start somewhere and they certainly didn’t start at the top of the corporate ladder.

When you are entering the “real world”, don’t be picky. Often you do not start working in a job or field that you necessarily enjoy. It takes time to develop skills and networking with others in order to work in a job that you truly love going to. That’s why it’s always good to look for opportunities to better yourself and your career.5. How do you define success?
QZ: Success to me is achieving what I have set out to do. Personal goals can change over time and so can the definition of success. Currently, I define success as having a job that I enjoy doing, living a healthy life, and having work life balance.

6. Do you have your own personal motto that you live by, or a motivational quote that inspires you?
QZ: Stay positive and work hard. I truly believe that a good attitude can take you far. Whether it be in the workplace, with friends, or with family, being optimistic is important.

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