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Inspired: International Picnic Day

INSPIRED: INTERNATIONAL PICNIC DAY Grab your vino – Saturday June 18 is International Picnic Day, and what better way is there to enjoy the summer than by savoring some delicious food outdoors. […]

On the Scene: #LeChateauTFW food truck event

Fashion royalty united over gourmet poutine at our 3rd Annual Toronto Fashion Week food truck. We delivered over 200 servings of style last night in between the shows to some […]

Devour It: Montreal’s 3 Most-Chic “Sugar Shacks”

The beginning of spring is a popular time for many Montrealers to spend their weekends getting their maple syrup fix at one of Quebec’s 400 Sugar Shacks (Cabanes à sucres). […]

Devour it: Toronto’s Gusto 101 Restaurant

The name says it all: Gusto translates into, “tasty” in Italian. 101 is their address on Portland street in Toronto’s trendy King West neighbourhood. Their claim to fame: “We’re just a […]